DNA can tell us about the age and all the habits of man – scientists

A new study by American scientists will be very useful for police, speeding up the disclosure of serious crimes.

ДНК может рассказать о возрасте и всех привычках человека – учёные

Bruce McCord, a forensic chemist from Florida International University, and his team are studying what else can you learn about a person, proceeding from left at the crime scene DNA. At the moment, scientists have become aware that human genes can tell you about his age (with a deviation of +/- 3 years from the present figure) about bad and good habits, what he ate and about his lifestyle and how long he holds it. McCord and his colleagues noted that any habit the person is deposited in its genetic code and track the perpetrator becomes much easier thanks to epigenetics DNA.

Now scientists are checking your method in action together with the police San Francisco. Also epigenetics will help to determine DNA some substances were found on the victim’s body: the blood, sweat, skin or semen of the perpetrator. This will contribute to establishing a more accurate picture of the incident.

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