Dog blocked the road guarding the body of a dead friend: the inhuman devotion

Собаки заблокировали трассу, охраняя тело погибшего друга: нечеловеческая преданность

As you know, dogs are loyal creatures on the planet. They, like people, are capable of feeling strong affection. This feeling, the dog may have not only his master but also to their relatives, and often in flocks of stray dogs.

Recently, the Internet touched sad video: four dogs blocked the movement of cars in Central China, protecting the body hit by friend’s car. The dog that got hit by a car, lying in the middle of the road. Four relatives stand nearby, and wait until she wakes up, protecting the body from passing cars. You can see how the dogs are pushing their fallen comrades, trying to “Wake” it.

According to eyewitnesses, the pack waited and waited for their friend to finally Wake up.

Information portal “Znayu” wrote that under the Kharkov fighting dog without a muzzle brutally bitten a small child. The girl was in intensive care. This was reported by the users in Facebook community “Overheard: Dergachi”. The incident occurred in the town of Derhachi, which is located in Kharkiv region. The mother was picking up 4-year-old girl from the kindergarten, when the hostess was walking his dog. The child was sitting in the sled. The girl made a sudden movement, to which the animal responded immediately. It attacked her and bit his head.

Also, the portal “Znayu” reported that the Kiev cops took the job parrot. The story began when police Sviatoshynskyi rayupravleniya arrived on a call. There they found poor and barely live parrot, which is 5 days spent in the mud and the cold, without food and water, with the deceased owner. This service reported by TSN. CSU fed feathered and taken to him. The name given to Ruslan, but affectionately called Rusik.

In addition, “Znayu” reported that recently, the famous British art historian Bendor Grosvenor, who starred in BBC documentary cycles “Lost masterpieces in Britain” and “Fake or fortune?”, told about the accident. His cat named Padme ruined a rare masterpiece of the XVII century. As Bendor said, he bought for 5250 pounds ($ 6680) unique painting by the artist John Michael Wright.

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