Dogs destroy wildlife: scientists shocked opening

Домашние собаки уничтожают дикую природу: ученые шокировали открытием

The domestic dog was much more dangerous than we thought. So, according to some scientists, our furry Pets have a fairly detrimental effect on wildlife. Some experts claim that a few dozen species of birds and animals have disappeared because of pet dogs. They rank third among the most dangerous predators, who are somehow connected with a man (worse than the dogs were only cats and rats) Now dogs threaten the existence of the nearly 200 species worldwide. According to the BBC, the disappearance of some of them is already “on the verge”. However, until that time, impacts to wildlife from stray dogs and Pets can move freely no one paid attention.

Домашние собаки уничтожают дикую природу: ученые шокировали открытием

Stray dogs

As found recently, researchers in Chile, the owners of pet dogs are not very concerned about the impact their Pets have on wildlife. They let them roam free anywhere they like. “Were documented predatory behavior and attacks from dogs against a large number of species of terrestrial mammals in Chile. In particular, they attack the representatives of the three related species and three species of deer,” said the Chilean author of the study Eduardo Silva-Rodriguez.

Домашние собаки уничтожают дикую природу: ученые шокировали открытием

Stray dogs attacking the deer

Estimated world population around 1 billion dogs. This includes how to completely wild species and are completely dependent on people. And it should be noted that accurate assessment of the world’s stray dogs counting almost impossible.Animal rights activists claim that the number of these quadrupeds is constantly growing and it is not their opinion: “the Problem that deserves concern.” “The population of dogs is increasing along with the number of people. And the problem may worsen,” – said the head of species threatened with extinction IUCN N ero Genomes. Dogs can have a very different impact on wildlife, scientists distinguish 5 main areas of influence. They become prey and kill wild animals, disrupt the ecosystem, transmit diseases to wild animals and competing with them in the struggle for production, and also mate with related species.

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