“Dress beads”: Buzova Lebedev does not give to forget about yourself.

The singer attracted the attention of the cheesemaker symbolic decorations on their outfits, assured fans.

«Платье в бусинках»: Бузова не дает Лебедеву забыть о себе - Соцсети


The project “Marry Buzova” was a flop for Olga singer never made the personal life with the winner of the show. The presenter believed in the dirty dirt on Lebedev, who put up with gigolo and conman, who wants to become popular due to the love affair with the popular singer. Himself cheesemaker few weeks, trying to meet Olga, to prove that he slandered detractors, but the singer flatly refused to carry on a conversation with Denis, and even hired guards. A few days ago cheesemaker put an end to attempts to reunite with Olga, publicly stating that stops to Woo a singer who is not going to go with him on contact.

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Spoke yesterday at 4 Snow Party in the Olympic?????????????? I was getting ready, we set for you luxury accommodation and choreography ???? Especially for their rooms sewed a new suit ???? Because for me, every appearance on the stage is an event ???????? Thank you to everyone who yesterday was singing to me and waiting for me ???????? I heard you ???????????? You are my strength and motivator ???????? I love you ??played 3 songs – champion, Take me traditionally and a Little Half ???????????what number to put in the tape? ???? #mirandaville#molytisidae#printimine ????????

A post shared by Olga Buzova (@buzova86) on Dec 5, 2018 at 12:46 am PST

Fans noticed that after a public statement by Denis Olga started to behave strangely. The presenter still has feelings for cheesemaker assured the fans. According to network experts, Buzova recently appeared in the same restaurant, and Lebedev, not just because the artist is looking for the encounter with the businessman. Now the singer attracts attention Lebedev strung beads on their outfits, which gives Dennis to forget about it, say users of social networks.

«Платье в бусинках»: Бузова не дает Лебедеву забыть о себе - Соцсети


Suit performer for Snow Party, decorated with numerous beads, designed just the same in order to attract the attention Lebedev, who called the singer a Bead: “Before Olga put on a dress all in the beads, because Dennis liked to call her a Bead. And now the white outfit covered in beads… like a gentle reminder for someone about the same Bead”.