Drunk Baranovskaya against the will of the children dragging them to adult events

You can see this by looking storis in Instagram spree TV presenter.

Пьяная Барановская против воли детей таскает их по «взрослым» мероприятиям


Rumors that the couple Maxim Galkin and Yulia Baranovskaya as a result and are unable to find mutual understanding at the moment is falling apart, and it is not surprising that your stress Yulia decided to overshadow time in a different environment. However, many were unclear why for these purposes, she took their children with them, which also began to bring in “adult” activities and institutions.

Posted storis artist, you can see how it is being in not quite sober filming everything on camera and then takes her to his eldest daughter. The girl, though smiling, but you notice that she is very uncomfortable in the company of adults who drink alcohol and have fun. Julia, as a caring mother was supposed to understand it, but she was so carried away by the celebration and forgot about that at the event with her children.

A woman, apparently, is so possessed with the thirst for revenge, Maxim Galkin, who broke her heart with his decision to stay with Alla Pugacheva, she decided to drown that sadness at the “bottom of the bottle.” On one of the storys Baranovskaya eating cake without hands, grabbing him in the manner of a dog, but it did not bother her. After that, she, spitting crumbs, trying to say something unintelligible phrase, but the fans once it became clear that their favorite is in a very vulnerable position, and speaking easier, leading drunk.

That is why on various resources, it began to ask to drive children on such events if it knows there will be alcohol and “adult party”. For the younger generation this will lay a serious impression and subsequently may result in negative consequences.

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