Dude compared the creativity Kirkorov and Baskov with excrement

The interviewer believes that their joint song “Ibiza” below any criticism.

Дудь сравнил творчество Киркорова и Баскова с экскрементами

In the new issue of “Vuda” the man invited me to visit members of the new Russian humor. One of them was comedian Alexander Gudkov and part-Creator of new clips Kirkorov and Baskov. However, the interviewer expressed his “Phi” about the creativity of these artists, comparing it to excrement. Dude asked Gudkov as “old stars that are under layer of the swamp“, I decided to work with him, and at what point they realized that what they do is “lame”, and could be cool. Also the interviewer said that Hollywood “came to the artists and got them out of this swamp“.

Dude criticized the work of artists, calling it not the most worthy of attention. Gudkov said that to work with such eminent people only stood “shake off the Golden dust of their retinue”. Resulting in there video “mood Color blue” and “Ibiza”. Comedian Gudkov admitted that he always wanted to work with the older generation, which has already reached its “stars” on the podium, and finally he did it.

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