“Dude, don’t joke about that”: Virastyuk firmly put in place Pritula

"Чувак, не шути так": Вирастюк жестко поставил на место Притулу

Popular Ukrainian strongman Vasyl Virastyuk said details about how he quarreled with the TV presenter Sergey Pritula.

"Чувак, не шути так": Вирастюк жестко поставил на место Притулу

In an interview for the show “Glory” he shared that the cause of the quarrel between him and the showman became inappropriate jokes Prytula. The episode has been posted on the YouTube channel “Lux FM”.

"Чувак, не шути так": Вирастюк жестко поставил на место Притулу

“Prytula, when surrounded by your friends or subordinates, a little like to be on a horse. He is number 1, and the rest somewhere in the back sit. Well, that’s why it all started, through these jokes. I simply said to him: “Dude, I’m not on your team, so you can and glide (shows fist) out there somewhere…”, – said Virastyuk.

Need to remind, recently the Ukrainian athlete Vasyl Virastyuk decided to try myself in other roles, succeeding to the profession. He tried himself as a DJ first became for the panel. Says the strongman, he had uncomfortable and his musical abilities he was embarrassed.

“I hate to brag about in front of a big audience, especially to athletes. I think I’m worth, and people think: “dude, a little on the head,” says Virastyuk.

He also said that his main playlist of music made up of what he trains.

We will remind, Virastyuk sinned in lent

As previously reported, “Znayu”, Gorbunov conquered Ukraine a love for children, Prytula is rapidly losing the credit.

Also “Znayu” I wrote that Virastyuk threw weights and barbells for the sake of rousing music: “little Man on the head.”

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