Due to the Windows error 10 “Professional” around the world has become a “Home”

Due to a failure in the service activation on the planet of computers with licensed Windows 10 Pro brodogradiliste to the standard Home version.

Из-за ошибки Windows 10 «Профессиональные» по всему миру превратились в «Домашние»When working in the system, users were given the message stating that the license expiration date Windows 10 Pro has expired and it was proposed to purchase the key to activate (when you try to do it gave an error), or switch to the Windows 10 Home. Incidents were recorded in different parts of the world: Russia, USA, Japan, South Korea and other countries. Microsoft has said that they are working to resolve this error, noting that failure carries no harm to user data and users will be able to use professional edition of Windows 10 in normal mode.

Windows 10 for personal computers Microsoft distributed in three versions: Home, Pro and Enterprise. The first is designed for individual users, the second and third are business-orientated and has some additional functions management of corporate resources.

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