Earth faces an ecological collapse: several species under threat of extinction

Земле грозит экологический коллапс: несколько видов под угрозой вымирания

Recently, the expert community of scientists has addressed the international community with a warning about the possibility of a fixed destruction of earth’s biosphere. Prior to this, according to scientists can lead to mass extinction of insects. In such circumstances, the actual collapse of ecosystems and destruction of the Earth’s biosphere will be inevitable.

Земле грозит экологический коллапс: несколько видов под угрозой вымирания

The disappearance of insects

The Australian scientists came to the conclusion that the estimated half of all insect species is rapidly declining, 30% of known species may disappear forever. The scope of the study are striking: overall, we counted over 70 databases for more than a century, reports One of the main reasons for the reduction of the species diversity of insects was the destruction of their places of habitual residence, namely forests. As a rule, the reason for the disappearance of green space is the expansion of cities, the growth areas are reserved for agricultural land and of course the widespread use of pesticides. All of these factors in the total decrease of the total biomass of invertebrates of about 2.5 percent per year.

Земле грозит экологический коллапс: несколько видов под угрозой вымирания


According to the authors, the disappearance of insects could lead to catastrophic collapse of ecosystems, because insects are pollinators of plants including crops and play an important role in maintaining food chains. It is estimated that in Europe a reduction of 80 per cent in the number of flying insects contributed to the reduction of bird population by 400 million over three decades. Scientists say that the extinction of the Arthropoda could be the biggest since the Permian and the Cretaceous period. However, this can be avoided if you reduce the use of toxic substances and strengthen measures aimed at the restoration of wild ecosystems.

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