Edgar Kaminsky first started talking about divorce with the Glory of “DeAngelo”: “I can’t believe it”

Эдгар Каминский впервые заговорил о разводе со Славой из "НеАнгелов": "Самому не верится"

Not so long ago it became known that the Ukrainian singer Fame Kaminskaya and her husband, plastic surgeon Edgar will soon cease to be lawful spouses.

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Rumors that the Glory Kaminskaya and her husband Edgar, who works as a plastic surgeon, divorced, and then pop up on the Network. In 2014, when they married and was born Leonard, a couple that regularly “throw”, then “marries” fans. However, recently all became more serious than just a rumor. It became known that the site Podolsky district court there was a statement about the divorce.

Эдгар Каминский впервые заговорил о разводе со Славой из "НеАнгелов": "Самому не верится"

Thank Kaminska married

Rumors confirmed and spouse Kaminskaya, which is literally “dumped all the underwear” Sumi on his page in social network Instagram.

He noted that he had read a lot of angry comments under the post where he brags about the opening of a new clinic and decided to break it down:

“I didn’t forget to thank the wife, I just can’t be grateful for something individually… I am grateful to her for everything. When you live in marriage, in true love, it’s all done from the heart, from the heart and you’re not waiting for odes and praise… I don’t do anything spontaneously. All my deeds are weighed and considered. The first time I filed for divorce in 2017. Six months later, before trial, gave a second chance… a Second chance — this time to analyze the first solution and output. Time interval, usually small. In our case, it lasted 2 years… Two years we were in zero gravity… the True cause of our situation I know and can understand only the closest people. They are no more than 20 people. They are non-public and will not comment on the photos… I ask you not to speculate on the topic of our family. You will be hard to understand what happened. You 100% don’t know us. I myself still can’t believe it. What I believe in? In the happiness of their children and their bright future.” – wrote Edgar.

We will remind, Thank Kaminska in a puppet way asked the fans to play.

Earlier Znayu reported, Thank Kaminska confessed how she was proposed to deprive a person of life.

Also Znayu wrote, Thank Kaminska exchanged husband the handsome Russian showman.

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