Eerie prophecies of Nostradamus: in Europe, break out a big war and the epicenter will be no Ukraine

Жуткие пророчества Нострадамуса: в Европе вспыхнет большая война, и эпицентром станет не Украина

One of the most accurate prophets in the history of mankind is deservedly considered a Nostradamus. His prophecy for the year 2019 excites and scares everyone. Really, our planet will end?

After all, traditionally has been interpreted that in his quatrains Nostradamus predicted for 2019-scale war, which will begin in Europe, in France. Confrontation will be caused by the terrorist attacks of radical Islamic groups. This is similar to Pressreader with a link to theSun.

“A great war will start in France, but is then attacked and the whole of Europe, it will be long and scary for everyone,” wrote Nostradamus.

According to the translations, will start “the Great war” in 2019 and will last for 27 years.

However, Nostradamus saw a small hope that the terrible war will end in 2025.

The last line of the verse reads:

“From the ashes of the destruction of the world will be reborn, but not many will like it,” pointing at a rather bleak future now the leading European States.

By the way the French this interpretation is not liked. Because in France, decided to once again translate the words of Nostradamus and give them a more full explanation.

Having studied all the nuances of the quatrains of the seer, the experts came to the conclusion that the level of terrorism will increase only in the middle East, in Europe there will be no war. In addition, the world will always increase the conflict between the world’s largest superpowers, the USA and China. In this case, before a full-scale military confrontation will not come.

Also through the contacts of political leaders to reach agreement on environmental issues, and the greening of the Earth. Technological innovations will increase life expectancy and eliminate the most dangerous diseases. People are also already in the current year, according to the predictions, must learn to communicate with animals.

Thus, a new interpretation of Nostradamus’s predictions is totally different from the traditional interpretations of the sayings of the seer.

French experts believe that in 2019, humanity is waiting for not such and terrible future, and it will not be a Third world war.

Recall that the third planet from the Sun will not be able to withstand nuclear explosions and torn into two parts. People will have to look for another house.

As reported by the portal “Znayu” a man named Alexander Smith said that he was able to travel in time. In a strange way Smith got into a madhouse, and on the front pages of reputable Western publications.

Also “Znayu” I wrote, global warming will not only cause the increase of level of World ocean, but also deprive millions of people of all kinds of beer and flavors.

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