Effective 100 %: biologists felt the first SUPERVOLCANO of malaria on humans

Эффективна на все 100 %: биологи испытали первую супервакцину от малярии на людях

An experimental drug has cured seven people from the malaria parasite.

The group, led by the University of Basel in Switzerland, said that one dose of the drug called DSM265 blocks enzyme necessary for the parasite to survive, thereby killing him, writes the Daily Mail.

The parasite, P. falciparum, is one of the deadliest in the world and annually kills over half a million lives. Transmitted from the bite of Anopheles mosquito and causes 50% of all malaria cases. P. falciparum causes the most dangerous form of malaria, affecting the liver, brain and cardiovascular system.

Эффективна на все 100 %: биологи испытали первую супервакцину от малярии на людях

Life cycle of Plasmodium falciparum

The researchers say that this is the first step towards the creation of a universal treatment of malaria.

Previous studies have shown that DSM265 can get rid of parasites asexual stage, called merozoites, which cause disease in humans infected with P. falciparum.

“A single dose will provide treatment that can improve compliance, reduce the development of resistance and ultimately help to eradicate this disease,” said study co — author jörg Merle.

The study group got the vaccine in eight volunteers with parasites in the blood. One of adults the infection has not developed.

Эффективна на все 100 %: биологи испытали первую супервакцину от малярии на людях

The symptoms of malaria

On the seventh day of infection the participants were given disposable 400 mg oral dose DSM265.

After taking the drug, all seven of the participants who develop the infection, was cleared of merozoites.

The drug could not destroy gametocytes, but is still considered a drug because gametocytes do not cause disease.

For future research, the group plans to explore options for possible concomitant medication that could get rid of gametocytes until DSM265 kills merozoites.

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We will remind, researchers from the Institute of vaccines and gene therapy, Oregon Health developed a new approach to creating a vaccine against malaria.

As reported by the portal “Znayu” a team of researchers from Copenhagen University have successfully tested a vaccine against malaria.

Also “Znayu” wrote that American scientists have developed a new method of struggle against Staphylococcus aureus.

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