Efremov joked in response to a proposal to deprive him of the title of honored artist of Russia

Speaking on the stage of Moscow International House of Music, Mikhail Efremov commented on the scandal with his concert tour in Ukraine.

Ефремов отшутился в ответ на предложение лишить его звания заслуженного артиста РоссииWe will remind, on concert in Kiev Efremov ridiculed Russian citizens who supported the annexation of Crimea, jokes about love of Russians to the hawthorn and dancing in the headdress, which caused the anger of many compatriots, in particular, the member of the expert Council on development of information society in the state Duma Vadim Manoukian, who offered to deprive of the title of honored artist.

Yefremov admitted that incorrectly responded to a call of correspondents had to hang up and be indignant, because the title of honored artist of Russia he paid 450 thousand dollars. This joke caused laughter and applause.

Not to be outdone, and Vadim Adamyan, who said he appreciates the sense of humor of Mikhail Olegovich. But extremely distressed by the fact that the artist did not understand one thing that if in their own country that may be considered for humor and satire, in a foreign, which, moreover, is in a state of information war with Russia, this is unacceptable. Manukyan stressed that he’s just as negatively reacted to the artist from Ukraine, who mocked his country in the eyes of Russians.