Egor Krid has not found a bride, but stuck to the American rapper looked as gay

Егор Крид не нашел невесту, но прилип к американскому рэперу: выглядел, как гей

The scandalous Russian singer Yegor Krid became the object of ridicule in the network. Writes about this Clutch.

Recently in Moscow hosted a concert of the famous American rapper ASAP Rocky, which appeared a Russian celebrity: from Olga Buzova and ending with the artists of the Black star. At the same time, especially the “distinguished” Egor creed.

Eyewitnesses said that the whole evening the artist literally ran tail for a famous hip-hopper and tried to copy his gestures and habits. At the end of the night creed published a photo from ASAP Rocky, which supposedly should serve as proof of their friendship.

However, fans did not believe that between the musicians struck up a friendly relationship. They condemned the creed, who is willing to put even the most unsuccessful shot, if only to show off with a world celebrity.

The situation became interested journalists, and one of the Russian telegram channels ASAP Rocky wrote a personal message in Instagram. In correspondence, the rapper admitted that creed all night irritated him and paid him for a photo.

Егор Крид не нашел невесту, но прилип к американскому рэперу: выглядел, как гей

“I don’t know who it was, he asked me for a photo and looked like a gay. Is this some kind of Russian star by the name of Egor. How he screwed me… At least I got paid for that d*RMO”. — explained the artist.

We will remind, Egor Krid, which always allows for some mistakes, pissed off Timothy, and for that the famous rapper has forbidden him to use part of his alias. Now he will appear before fans with the name Egor Bulatkin.

Earlier Znayu reported, Russian singer Yegor Krid started flirting with the married Nadya Dorofeeva. Fans noticed a distinct “tackles” bachelor in Instagram singer, and very angry.

Also Znayu wrote, Yegor Krid showed a video of a joint exercise with the participant scandalous show “Dom-2” Marina Mexico. This movie forced fans to assume that the singer has a new passion.

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