Egyptians will be punished for the death of Ukrainian women in the most fearful way

Египтянина накажут за смерть украинки самым страшным способом

In Egypt has sentenced to death the murderer of Ukrainian girls. The criminal court found the monster guilty of murder and robbery. This is reported by Ukrainian news service TSN.
The victim was only 29, her name was Marina. Marina lived in a rented apartment in Hugate, along with her husband, and worked in one of the local hotels. On that tragic day, Marina came home from work early and found his house robber. Seeing that he was caught, the robber “not confused” – attacked a helpless girl with a knife and repeatedly stabbed him in different parts of the body. The injuries were incompatible with life and Ukrainka died on the spot.

Египтянина накажут за смерть украинки самым страшным способом

Ukrainian Marina, shot dead in Egypt

Earlier, the Ukrainian tried to get the kid back in mass rape: that she did not expect.

in particular, the Prosecutor said that the girl suddenly called roommate, with whom once lived together but had previously had with him to fight. During the conversation she told me that during the morning run, two unknown persons threatening her with a knife, raped her. After that, the guy called the police, who immediately arrived on a call.

Investigator she told the same thing, being put them aware of criminal liability for lying.

We also wrote that the massacre of hostages shocked the United States.

Recall, 12 hours of hell: hundreds of passengers have become a “hostage” in the capital airport.According to preliminary information, the passengers took their places on time, after which they were asked to leave the cabin due to a malfunction of the aircraft. “Passengers seated on the plane, but later announced a technical fault, and brought all back”, – stated in the message.

“Know.Eeyore” wrote the massacre of Ukrainian in Egypt: surfaced Gory details.Journalists were able to establish the details of the murder of the citizen of Ukraine in Hurghada, Egypt.

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