Eight new cases of COVID-19 in Outaouais

The Outaouais region has eight new confirmed cases of COVID-19 on Monday, for a total of 117 people infected.
For the region, this represents an increase of 7.3% compared to the total of 109 cases observed on Sunday. Provincially, the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 increased by 8% to 8,580 people infected with the new coronavirus.

The Outaouais Integrated Health and Social Services Center will update its statistics on the development of COVID-19 in the region on Monday afternoon. As of Sunday, the organization had nine infected employees. The vast majority of confirmed cases in Outaouais come from the territory of the city of Gatineau.

In his report presented early Monday afternoon, Prime Minister Fran├žois Legault indicated that 533 people are hospitalized in Quebec due to complications from COVID-19, including 164 in intensive care.

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