Elderly people take their walk under police surveillance

At the request of the Château Bellevue Group, the police supervise the daily walks taken outside by the elderly who live in one of the network’s residences. This measure was put in place after users of the Shawinigan residence were bullied on social networks and by the community by “turning their eyes to these vulnerable people”, deplores Frédéric Lepage of Groupe Château Bellevue.
“We are facing excessive surveillance by the population and we want to calm them down,” hopes the president and chief executive officer of the company. According to Mr. Lepage, the presence of law enforcement has the effect of supporting residence employees as well as reassuring and encouraging residents to respect public health recommendations, including the two-meter distance between each person . “Although most residents follow safety instructions to the letter, others have some difficulty in adhering to preventive measures,” he noted. The police are called on to educate our residents in order to respect social distancing and gatherings. ”

Frédéric Lepage reminds that seniors have the right to take walks, that it is good for their health and that it is even encouraged. “You just have to make sure it is done safely. Then, when our people start walking, it’s not a time for families to take the opportunity to break safety rules! That is why we asked for the cooperation of the police. It’s for security and some supervision. ” The President and CEO added that a security guard is even in constant contact with the police.

This police surveillance is carried out in the eight residences of the Château Bellevue Group, including those of Donnacona, Saint-Nicolas, Pont-Rouge, Val-Bélair and Amqui.

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