Elena Kravets charmed stylish way to “League of laughter”: the most charming and attractive

Елена Кравец очаровала стильным образом на "Лиге смеха": самая обаятельная и привлекательная

Artist Studio Quarter 95 Elena Kravetz struck the public mind an extraordinary outfit. During the filming of the fifth season of the comic project “the League of Laughter”, which was held recently, Kravetz appeared in a long grey dress, decorated with feathers from the Ukrainian brand theCOAT by Katya Silchenko. Comedian complements the image of the ankle boots ‘Metallic’.

“5th anniversary season of open Laughter! It was funny, bright and sometimes very unexpectedly! The year promises to be exciting and full with new formats, people, decisions, and jury members. Today was in the role of the jury-the Joker in a dress called “50 shades of grey” – incredibly soft and cozy,” wrote the star.

Supporters Kravets pleasantly surprised by its new look, and fun filled favorite compliments.

“The most beautiful and attractive woman of all the stars of show business and humor of Ukraine”, “Gorgeous, wow”, “Incredible beauty dress and You’re beautiful!”, “Cool dress,” they write in the comments to the photo.

Earlier, we wrote that Elena Kravets of “95 Quarter” leaked compromising Vladimir Zelensky: didn’t expect one!

The one and only woman in the Studio “Kvartal 95” in an interview openly talked about the relationship with the band’s leader Vladimir Zelensky. On Sunday, January 27, the newspaper reports Politeka

Елена Кравец очаровала стильным образом на "Лиге смеха": самая обаятельная и привлекательная

“First, I think he never changed himself and his principles and what he believes. And if he already believes in something, probably, there are ways to overcome obstacles, walk through thorns,” – said Yelena Kravets.

The actress described the personal qualities and attitude to the principles of education Zelensky.

According to Elena Kravets art Director of “Kvartal 95” in a difficult moment can support, and if necessary to arrange a debriefing.

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Elena Kravets is the only woman “95 Quarter”. The actress-comedian, mother of three children active not only on stage but also in life. We can say that Elena Kravetz woven from several patches. She reads a lot, not worth the side of charity. Her refined and sophisticated sense of humor, demeanor on stage, many viewers like. But what is the inner world of the stars? What she was wrong and for that self-reproaches? Read the most interesting facts about her and her family right now!

We also wrote that Elena Kravetz surrendered all the cards Zelensky: “can arrange a debriefing”.

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