Eleven residents of Residence Soleil Manoir reached

Update at 4:47 pm – The cases of COVID-19 increased significantly Tuesday in the territory of Estrie from 48 confirmed cases Monday to 130 24 hours later. Résidence Soleil Manoir Sherbrooke notably has 11 cases positive for coronavirus. A resident is in intensive care.
The Eastern Townships is therefore on Tuesday the second region most affected by the coronavirus pandemic in Quebec. Only the Montreal region (439 cases) has more cases of COVID-19 on its territory. The Montérégie, with 125 cases, is also severely affected. In Quebec, there are now 1,013 confirmed cases of coronavirus infection.

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François Legault’s press briefing highlights

“I don’t have all the explanations,” admits Dr. Alain Poirier, director of public health in the Eastern Townships. In terms of population, we are about 1/16 of Quebec, but we have 1/8 of the cases, it’s double! There are several hypotheses, the main one being that the Eastern Townships is a region where people have traveled more. ”

“Have we traveled to destinations where there were more cases, this may be an explanation, but I have no better,” he adds. We just hope that we will not continue in the lead pack because we are taking all measures to protect the population. ”

Out of the 130 cases in Estrie, six people are hospitalized, one of whom is in intensive care. A dozen cases are people under the age of 19.

“We had cases in the youngest, but it was more at the beginning,” confirms Dr. Poirier. The majority had traveled with their parents. ”

Dr. Poirier also confirms that there are cases in all of the Eastern Townships. The two urban centers of Granby and Sherbrooke have the most cases.

“We have the capacity to do a lot more testing, and there are community infections. We expected this increase. ”

11 cases at Manoir Sherbrooke

Dr Poirier confirms that Manoir Sherbrooke is still under close surveillance and that Manoir residents are still in confinement.

“About twenty patients have been tested and of these 11 have tested positive,” he says. Six residents are hospitalized, one of whom is in intensive care. ”

Five employees were also tested for symptoms. They are in solitary confinement at their home, awaiting their results.

No other seniors’ residence has been affected by the pandemic in Estrie for the moment.

Stéphane Tremblay, President and CEO of the CIUSSS de l’Estrie, also participated in the afternoon press conference. He confirmed that the CIUSSS de l’Estrie can currently provide between 130 and 140 intensive care beds. The establishment also wishes to double the capacity of pediatric intensive care. There are currently 6 beds, but we want to go to 12.

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