Elizabeth II shocked the diplomats acid: even envies Meghan Markle

Елизавета ІІ шокировала дипломатов "кислотой": завидует даже Меган Маркл

This event is traditionally held at Buckingham Palace and each time Her Majesty shows us a new way. Apparently, in the heart of the Queen, which, we recall, in a month will celebrate the 93rd birthday, it’s spring, because at this time she wore a bright blue, almost “acid” dress.

Complement the image of lacquer pumps, bag, pearl necklace, earrings and brooches. Also Elizabeth II, as always, was impeccable styling, and the lips she applied a darker Burgundy lipstick.

Елизавета ІІ шокировала дипломатов "кислотой": завидует даже Меган Маркл

At a recent service in Westminster Abbey, we saw Queen Elizabeth II in purple coat and hat with flowers. But the reception organized by Prince Charles yesterday at Buckingham Palace, the Queen is not called for.

Earlier we wrote that the Queen of England appeared in public in a terrible form with purple-bluish spot on the arm of Elizabeth Frinkle the king and Queen of Jordan Abdullah II and Rania. Residents of Albion, after I saw “purple” the hand of his Queen, is seriously concerned about her condition.

“God … Looks as if Her Majesty had an injured arm … I Hope she will heal quickly,” wrote one Twitter user. In a network there was different assumptions about the illness of the Queen.

Some users believe that the Queen is a clear manifestation of atherosclerosis, some suspect even gangrene.

We also wrote that the Dnipropetrovsk region in the village Yelyzavetivka there was an area of British Queen Elizabeth II. The decision adopted by the deputies of the local Council “as a sign of gratitude and respect relative to the principled position of the Queen-recognition of the annexation of Ukrainian territory,” – said Radio Liberty on Wednesday, the village head Maxim Golosnoy.

According to him, the decision was made at the initiative of deputies of the village Council. Later on the area is planning to open pam has sign.

Recall, the 92-year-old Elizabeth II finally decided who gets the crown.

As reported by the portal Know.ia 92-year-old Queen Elizabeth II is experimenting with the image.

Also Know As.Eeyore wrote, in the UK mistakenly announced the death of the husband of Queen Elizabeth II Prince Philip.

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