Elon Musk has shown the best rocket from the inside: the world has never seen

Илон Маск показал наилучшую ракету изнутри: такого мир еще не видел

Everyone has the opportunity to look inside the best rocket Elon musk. The company SpaceX has offered to demonstrate its magocsi anyone to use.

The company SpaceX Elon Mask affects the detailed video launches, showing footage from all possible angles: from the ground, the drone and the missile itself, which is tested for flying. They set a camera at each stage, about engines and under the fairing. The most amazing is happening inside the rocket, it appears the camera can be installed directly into the fuel tank.

Илон Маск показал наилучшую ракету изнутри: такого мир еще не видел

On the ground and in the active phase of the flight the fuel and oxidizer are pressed against the bottom walls of the tanks.

Initially this is due to the attraction of our planet, then the gravitational acceleration is added to the acceleration engines. However, in space, when the effect of gravity of the Earth weakens and the engines stop working, the fluids are in weightlessness.

Илон Маск показал наилучшую ракету изнутри: такого мир еще не видел

If the design of the missile has re-run engines in the subsequent parts of the trajectory, there is a serious difficulty. In such conditions, the oxidant and fuel cannot evenly flow into the pumping units. Usually “return” fluids in place using special small jets, or the system orientation, which give it the stage or the upper stage requires a small acceleration.

Sometimes the underlying structure is a special intermediate storage tanks under pressure of a small amount of fuel.

Recall that Musk gave Tesla inventions around the world. Elon Musk was allowed to use the Tesla patents.

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