Emerged wild truth about the Draw: a scandal to the hotel, smashes flowerpots and clung to the girls

Всплыла дикая правда о Витасе: скандал на весь отель, бил горшки с цветами и цеплялся к девочкам

The network users started to complain about the vulgar behavior on the part of the Russian singer Vitaly Grachev, better known to the public under the pseudonym of Vitas.

For example, in comments to the announcement of the popular Russian TV show “Evening Urgant”, where he recently pogostemon Vitas in honor of its 40th anniversary, stated that earlier were victims of his inappropriate behavior.

Всплыла дикая правда о Витасе: скандал на весь отель, бил горшки с цветами и цеплялся к девочкам

“I lived in the next room with him and his family in a Turkish hotel. They behaved in a disgusting, cursed, showed them all the middle finger, scandal for the whole hotel, beat the pots, get drunk in the trash. And then it all glue I tried (I was 16), knocking at the room, and bingo: the hour of the night, he was about as provocatively dancing in a local club with his wife, and in her arms their baby,” commented the announcement, one of podeschi.

It is worth Recalling that the first Vitas changed the style of performing compositions, and now swung and a change of image. Yet his fans say about the changes with enthusiasm. Previously, the name of the singer with the Ukrainian and Latvian roots Vitaly Grachev could be seen everywhere: on billboards, informing them about the upcoming concert, on the radio.

He was often invited as a guest or expert in the various music journalists loved to interview him. Vitas conquered even China where he went crazy locals. But his star has faded, the singer was not able to take root in the modern show business, missing screens and news.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that fat Vitas for the first time in two years released a new clip that amused users. A citizen of Ukraine and a resident of the Moscow’s Rublevka singer with exotic falsetto Vitas (Vitaly Grachev) woke up after years of silence. The artist released a new video for “Roll With the Beat” together with American rap Quartet Nappy Roots. The last video for “the singer” came out two years ago.

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