Entomologists first found the bee with two fathers, but no mother

Studies of Italian bees, a group of scientists has found an unusual bee.

Энтомологи впервые нашли пчелу с двумя отцами, но без матери

Scientists from the University of Sydney conducted a study of the genotype of the bees. They took ten samples of bees from one colony. In the experiment, scientists managed to establish that nine out of ten bees were differences in the appearance and the genotype. Several bees were an entirely different color, and a pair of individuals actually had the organs of the uterus. Also during the research, scientists were able to detect species with the sexual organs of the male and female.

But scientists were shocked by the discovery of one unusual bees. Externally it differed only in color scheme, and the genotype had only the genes of the fathers. Scientists suspect that there was a merger of two genotypes of the fathers, but how do not yet have representation. This happened the first time in the history of entomology, when a bee has two fathers, but not mothers.