Erdogan told of finding the killer Kalkaji in Saudi Arabia

Someone from the 18 people arrested by the Saudi authorities, aware of the murder of a journalist.

Эрдоган сообщил о нахождении убийцы Хашкаджи в Саудовской Аравии

The head of the government Recep Tayyip Erdogan told of finding the killers of journalist Jamal Kalkaji in Saudi Arabia. Before the loss of the deceased 2 Oct 15 people arrived in Istanbul, and after 18 suspects were detained by Saudi authorities. Erdogan is confident that among them certainly there are those who know the killer of the journalist, and can indicate where is his body now. If Saudi Arabia is forced to speak of these 15 people who can be directly involved in the murder, you will become aware of the details of the crime, said the Turkish leader stressed that among them could be the killer.

Jamal Kalkaji worked as a journalist for The Washington Post. About his disappearance became known on October 2, when, after had entered the building of the Consulate of Saudi Arabia, it was never seen again. According to the publication The New York Times, could have killed him on the orders of the Saudi authorities, but the authorities deny the accusations. However, there is evidence that before his death, Kalkaji tortured, even have a video of this process. Journalist split into pieces and beheaded.

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