Eric Duchesneau does not want to resign

Although some have called for his resignation, city councilor Éric Duchesneau does not intend to leave his post. He thinks it would be “overkill” to react this way.
“It is certain that on March 24 [Editor’s note: date of his departure for Mexico, despite the warnings to avoid non-essential displacement], my decision was not the right one. But at that time, it was the best for me “, he explained Monday, during the meeting of the municipal council of Granby which he attended, like the other municipal councilors, by videoconference, but, in his case, from his room in Acapulco.

The elected representative argued that in times of anxiety, everyone, including him, may be likely to be “exaggerated” and take action that they would not normally consider.

Éric Duchesneau says that he understands people’s anger and disappointment, all the more if they believe he has “two feet in the sand” and that he moves freely. But it ensures to be confined to Mexico and to respect the sanitary rules.

Whether he is four or 4000 km away, the elected representative also ensures that he is able to continue his work.

“I can still answer my emails and my phones. I do not see the consequence in terms of security or professionalism in my gesture, even if it is to be deplored, ”says Éric Duchesneau, who also does not seem to want to follow the recommendation of his colleagues who suggest he take a time stop to treat the depression he invoked to justify his impromptu departure.

The municipal councilor in fact considers that the current situation is an “emotional reaction to the situation of anxiety that we are experiencing everyone”. The man who points out that he left “discreetly”, without expecting his absence to create such a stir, nevertheless concluded his intervention by apologizing for having disappointed and for having imposed a “burden” on his colleagues. .

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