“Escape DPS”: “Cops”-violators of traffic rules on the highway M4 “don” showed in the video

In the Internet appeared the video with violating several traffic rules by the traffic police on the Federal highway M4 “don”.

«Побег ДПС»: «Гаишников»-нарушителей ПДД на трассе М4 «Дон» показали на видео

The video showed the “cops”-violators of traffic rules on the highway M4 “don”. This event happened in Verkhnemamonsky district, Voronezh region. Motorist using the video recorder captured parked on the roadside at the intersection of the patrol car. It is noted that instead to ensure traffic safety in such a dangerous and winter, “Gai officers” stood by and watched who crosses a solid line marking, to immediately issue a fine. The motorist stopped next to the patrol car to record everything in memory recorder.

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«Побег ДПС»: «Гаишников»-нарушителей ПДД на трассе М4 «Дон» показали на видео

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Most interesting, I noticed the author of the video “Escape DPS” that, while thus, the rules already broken himself patrol team: in accordance with clause 12.4 traffic stop of the vehicle is prohibited in areas where this vehicle will make impossible the movement of other vehicle. Penalty – 2 000 rubles. In addition, has violated paragraph 12.1, which States that outside of the village stopping and Parking of vehicles on the left side of the road is prohibited, therefore, parked the car, facing oncoming traffic, the patrol in this paragraph are also ignored. A fine of 500 rollers.

Noticing that they are removed, law enforcement officers decided to escape, thus violating some of the rules: they went in reverse at an intersection, the driver was not wearing seat belts. Finally, the front room on the patrol car was too dirty, disassemble it was not possible. It’s funny that while away from the gaze of the camera, the patrol car crossed a solid line markings, violating, thus, another item in the SDA.

Commentators on the network praised the courage and resourcefulness of the motorist and complained that people like it on the highway M4 “don” too little: “If even one of the thousands of drivers passing by, did as the author of the policemen just went off the road but with the so-called “services” have departed, without looking back”.