Eurovision 2019: favorite national selection pulled a strange trick, the organizers shocked

Евровидение 2019: фаворитка Нацотбора провернула странный финт, организаторы в шоке

MARUV, mistress national selection for Eurovision 2019, which stunned the Pro-Russian statement during a live broadcast, not counting on winning the contest. At least, such a conclusion after it became known that on the day of the decisive air of selection in MARUV scheduled a solo concert in one of the clubs of the capital.

Thus, on February 23 immediately after the live broadcast of the national selection (or even before completion) MARUV needs to leave the Center of culture and arts of the KPI, where the shooting of the project. This is due to the fact that the competition and announcement of results will continue until at least 22:00. And it was at this time the scheduled start of the solo artist in a different school.

Евровидение 2019: фаворитка Нацотбора провернула странный финт, организаторы в шоке

“Although MARUV and received the support of the audience in the first semifinal, all these favorites is a group of KAZKA. Rather, it is also understood, therefore, prudently decided not to cancel the concert… But if she triumvirum in the competition and will not remain on the so-called official part of the selection is the ceremony of announcing the name of the winner – it will show lack of respect to the organizers and to the audience who voted for her… Besides, after her Pro-Russian statements on the stage of the semifinals, it will be very hard psychologically in case of victory in the national selection. Therefore, a recital today for MARUV priority”, – experts say music resource MVUA.

Previously, we reported that on Saturday, February 9, launched the first semi-final of the national selection for the Eurovision song contest in 2019. This year’s world song contest will take the Israeli capital tel Aviv after the victory of the Israeli singer Netta in 2018. The Network launched a live broadcast.

Danilko between the song and the room felt dissonance. By the way, the Director was Simon Gorov. Jamal liked the song, but she was advised to sing in a lower key. Evgeny Filatov suspected that the soloist was worried. He auger felt disonans between the room and the song.

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