Even the most ridiculous: Baranovskaya is a disgrace to children for earnings.

The presenter drew attention to advertising at the expense of their offspring.

Даже самой смешно: Барановская позорит детей ради заработка - Соцсети

Many celebrities use their social media accounts for extra money, because as you know, the extra money never happens. Yulia Baranovskaya, recently headed a list of potential mistresses Maxim Galkin, in this respect no exception. From time to time in Instagram account Baranovskaya advertising messages, in which she promotes various products and services. Recently, however, Julia began to use their children for income, attracting at their expense more audience to your messages. Subscribers Baranovskaya skeptical about this idea, because Julia is not only decided to profit at the expense of their offspring, but also showed himself as a very bad mother.

The fact that the video created to promote branded portable speakers, TV presenter of children forced to dance, allegedly showing them the joy of a useful acquisition. Yulia made the right decision by choosing his daughter to Jan for such an unusual presentation, because the girl have several years of serious dancing. The video turned out to be quite harmless, if she Baranovskaya not shown in the picture, since the TV simply could not hold back laughter, looking at the ridiculous efforts of their children. The video clearly see that Yulia was funny to watch as Ian, despite his training, he was very confused, performing random movement, does not suitable for each other.

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Such behavior, according to the fans of Yulia, she just disgraced his entire family, as a loving mother would force children to act in a ridiculous advertisement, and at such a time would have supported the daughter and started to laugh at her, making fun of the confused girl in front of an audience of millions.

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