Expert Alexei Mukhin praised the development of the capital budget

Known expert, the Director General of the Center for political information Alexei Mukhin on the personal page on the social network Facebook has commented on reading the Federal budget in the state Duma of the Russian Federation. He noted that the speech of the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin with a budget report at a meeting of the Moscow city Duma, in fact, allowed to read the “development budget” of the future city.

Эксперт Алексей Мухин высоко оценил развитие столичного бюджета

In his commentary Alexei Mukhin drew attention to the stable growth of all economic indicators in Moscow. In this capacity the city budget is largely focused on development in the metropolis innovative, diversified economy. Moreover, in this economy there are no so-called “budget” areas, so the city lays the Foundation for further development at the rate of one ruble of budget there are three roubles of investments. Thus, the capital of the Russian Federation is engaged in creation of the investment framework development with an eye to the future, — explained the expert.

According to mister Mukhin, Moscow has established balanced interactions with the Federal government. The Ministry of Finance supports almost all the development programs of the metropolis. This is the guarantee of stability of the Metropolitan economy.

As said Alexei Mukhin, the budgetary policy of Moscow during the time of merstva Sergei Sobyanin has a pronounced social character. 51.3% of budget expenditures focused on implementation of social programs. It is possible to create in the city a comfortable environment — to the delight of local residents.

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