Expert opinion: why are paper cuts so painful

Мнение эксперта: почему бумажные порезы настолько болезненны

Everyone familiar with this excruciating pain. Sometimes worse than hitting pinkie on the furniture.

Read a book, open the envelope, pull out a stack of paper, careless movement, and sharp pain is in the finger. A thin line on the skin blood coming out of it. Voila! Paper cut.

And although the paper seems easy, fragile and harmless, the cuts from it is extremely painful.

Мнение эксперта: почему бумажные порезы настолько болезненны

The paper cut

Dr. Haley Goldbach (Goldbach Hayley) told the portal DailyMail on why paper cuts received a special article on Wikipedia.

According to her, one of the reasons is connected with the place cut. At their fingertips, a huge number of nerve endings, which send signals to the brain after touching various objects and surfaces.

Another reason is that we use our hands throughout the day, causing the wound constantly open.

In addition, paper made from wood pulp, cotton and other fibers that may remain in the wound.

“Paper may contain inflammatory fiber, so it is important to rinse the cut under water with a small amount of soap,” explained Dr. Goldbach.

The expert also adds that there are mental and emotional items, causing paper cuts painful.

We are trying to be handled carefully with a knife, because we understand what this means,” explained Dr. Goldbach.

Мнение эксперта: почему бумажные порезы настолько болезненны

Finger cut paper

However, in our paper handling, we are quite naive and carefree, so the sudden cut affects much stronger, causing pain, of which we were unaware.

If you cut yourself, Dr. Halbach recommends to clean the wound with soap and water, bandage or a bandage to close up a plaster.

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