Experts from ESET has revealed that fraudulent applications for IPhone

The experts found that the two fitness apps steal user’s money.

Специалисты из ESET выявили мошеннические приложения для IPhone

Specialist in security from ESET Lucas Stefanko has identified two malicious apps – Fitness Balance and Calories Tracker. These programs were created under the guise of sports apps which help users to calculate the body mass index, remind you of the receiving water and the like.

App users were asked to extend their functionality and to enhanced version with personalized advice about nutrition. It was necessary to scan a fingerprint. In that case, if the user account was tied to Bank card, after scanning with their balance written off approximately 100 to 130 dollars.

Experts have suggested that both programs were created by the same scammers, as both had a similar interface and functionality.

According to analysts, in November the scammers have earned with the help of Fitness Balance about 10 thousand dollars, and through Calories Tracker — $60 thousand.

After the treatment of the employee ESET Apple has removed both applications.