Experts told about UFOs and other mysteries in Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 at first glance looks like a normal shooter with open world, and actually in a computer game are the puzzles, which many do not know.

Эксперты рассказали об НЛО и других тайнах в Red Dead Redemption 2


After looking closer to Red Dead Redemption 2, gamers will be able to notice something eerie and fantastic, reminiscent of the Gothic. Deviating from the story missions of the game and ignore the strangers, a vision of weird things. In a shooter periodically appear standing at a distance from the settlements of miserable hovels. In these poor home, life is special. For example, a cabin in new Hanover are filled with skeletons. Most of them lie in bed on the sheets, more reminiscent of rot. When a gamer gets into the shack, immediately understand what happened here, something terrible. In the foreground placed the skeleton leader in the chair, and beside it is a letter, it refers to higher forces and veneration of a deity on the mount of Ove. Back here at two o’clock, the gamer will find a UFO. A strange object appears and disappears. The area in General seems pretty mysterious. UFO appears about in the morning, some time hovering in the sky, and then flies away.

The company Rockstar Games used for the first time a mysterious object in Red Dead Redemption 2. Previously, players were talking about paranormal phenomena in the GTA, another series of the game, however, all statements were false. In RDR is found for the first time.

The game holds a lot of mysteries. Online community studies them and share information online. According to separate gamers as a shooter, you can meet vampires, time travelers, giant and supporters of religious cults.

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