Experts told, what food people quickly gain weight

Експерти розповіли, за якої їжі люди швидко набирають вагу

Sugar absolutely does not harm the figure and it can not be excluded from the diet, as previously thought.

To see this, Chinese scientists from the Shanghai Academy of Sciences conducted their experiments in laboratory mice. Hundreds of rodents for 3 months were 29 types of diet. Mice were divided into 3 groups: some were eating food with saturated and unsaturated fats, second meal with few carbs and some solid sweets and food with low and high protein content. After that, scientists noticed that the gained weight, only those mice that ate food with high fat content. And it is these mice after a fatty meal began to change and genes, and they are much happier than other relatives.

Unexpected result was the group that ate only sweets. After 3 months they have not really changed nor weight, nor height, nor even genes. And anyway, none of the groups gained weight, with the exception that fatty foods mice. They have also changed and eating schedule — they eat less because the body stops responding to the energy demand, as used only for food high in fat.


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