“Explain for “Field”: “low-power” LADA 4X4 argued the owners and the representative of “AVTOVAZ”

The web sparked another controversy about LADA 4X4, which was made a claim to the motor and transfer case. According to some users, these units are outdated.

«Поясни за «Ниву»: О «маломощной» LADA 4X4 поспорили владельцы и представитель «АвтоВАЗ»

Official public LADA in the social network “Vkontakte” in the comments to the post about “the Field” one of the motorists said that the car needs another engine and “transfer case”. In response, the representatives of “AVTOVAZ” wrote that “light, inexpensive and economical car” is sufficient staff capacity, this capacity can supposedly realize not every driver.

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«Поясни за «Ниву»: О «маломощной» LADA 4X4 поспорили владельцы и представитель «АвтоВАЗ»

“Overview for dummies”: as simply as possible about LADA Granta FL told blogger

Beginner autoblogger Vyacheslav Markov took a review of LADA Granta FL. He decided not to go into technical details and just shared their impressions of the novelties of the company “AVTOVAZ”.

In addition, a member of the LADA team Social Team said that the more powerful engine will require changes to the transmission, the body, which will get a different car at a higher price. However, other owners have supported the commenter, expressed concern about the motor “low-power” LADA 4X4.

“The engine of “priors” or the same “news” that well, just a little was driving, and the gear lever closer to the driver”, “Explain “the Field”, what changes in design will cause the motor 98 powers?” – users write, referring to the representative of the Russian company.

Also in LADA 4X4 many would like to see a more modern interior. In fairness, we note that there were those for whom it is important that the SUV has kept a low cost.

We will remind, today in Russia the LADA 4X4 is sold with a 83-horsepower 8-valve engine volume of 1.7 liters at a price of 503 900 rubles without discounts.