Eyewitness said about the last minutes of life decl: asked for a tablet

Очевидец рассказал о последних минутах жизни Децла: попросил таблетку

It became known what had happened in the last minutes of the life of a Russian rapper decl, writes Politeka. This was stated by the witness, who was at the club.

Очевидец рассказал о последних минутах жизни Децла: попросил таблетку

“I was standing at the bar, drinking a beer, approached his friend and asked for some pills. I thought drugs, but it turned out that he asked for pain medication… I asked, you all right, buddy said, “Yeah, everything is fine, everything will pass.”

After 20-30 minutes this one came out and asked her to call an ambulance. I saw how they run the administrator with the bartender, and begin to pump it.

“It was scary,” recalled an eyewitness.

Очевидец рассказал о последних минутах жизни Децла: попросил таблетку

Concert Director decl Pavel Belentsa said that Cyril became ill in the dressing room 01:00 on 3 February.

“He sat in a chair, lost consciousness and before the arrival of doctors it was too late. <…> I feel good. It was force majeure, we could not imagine that this is possible”, — said the Belentsa.

The night of the play, according to DJ, who also worked on the holiday, with Tolmatskiy everything was fine, no symptoms of the disease was not noticeable.

“The deterioration was gone instantly. I talked to him the evening before the performance, we discussed different topics, I asked him, how was the trip, all right, he said that normally,” said concert Director.

Arriving in Izhevsk, he spent the sound check, had dinner and went to the hotel before the performance. The troubles there were no signs.

While no suggestion that was the cause of death, Paul is, together with others, he is waiting for the autopsy results. One thing he is definitely sure drugs were not involved in this tragedy.

“Cyril for many years leads a healthy lifestyle and everything it promotes. You can listen to his new tracks, where he systematically recalls the dangers of drugs”, – he stressed.

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