Facebook has removed 82 pages “the Iranian” political trolls

However, employees of Facebook are not sure who actually was the owners of the blocked pages.

Facebook удалила ещё 82 страницы «иранских» политических троллей

Recently, the specialists of the Department of cybersecurity the company was removed from Facebook 30 pages, 33 of account, and 3 groups, and 16 new accounts in Instagram. Experts continue to monitor the situation and popular in Russia WhatsApp messenger. Experts pointed out that the oldest was the account registered in 2016, when a scandal with the “Russian political hackers that influenced the elections in the United States.” This story has attracted Facebook and Iranian users, who allegedly gave himself for US citizens and UK and destabilized mood in a Network, capitalizing on themes of race and migrants.

At the same time, the experts were unable to prove that the accounts and pages had a direct link with the Iranian government. They could not even prove that users are actually Internet trolls. But that didn’t stop the team of Nathaniel Gleicher, head of cybersecurity, Facebook, remove, 82 pages with thousands of subscribers. The reason for someone’s account has disappeared from Facebook, can be just a unhappy statement to the side of the authorities, as in the tape of the deleted pages were not direct antithrombotic calls and promoting any ideas. The accounts were similar to the normal page dissent of the users “Vkontakte”, which the Russian justice is sometimes recognized as extremist.

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