Famous coach was named the new captain of the national team of Ukraine

Известный тренер назвал нового капитана сборной Украины

The head coach of Olimpik Donetsk Vyacheslav Shevchuk told about the progress of Alexander Zinchenko at Manchester city and how this might affect his role in the national team.

“Zinchenko in the near future is the captain of the national team of Ukraine. He’s a leader on the field, he is professional, he is a strong-willed person.

Известный тренер назвал нового капитана сборной Украины

He is a player of the starting lineup, which shows a very Mature game. He is a charismatic. This is very important.

Известный тренер назвал нового капитана сборной Украины

In the attacking positions in the team come the Brazilians. The players come that some of the gifted in Brazil. Still a lot of money. Ukrainian players only Kovalenko can compete with them. And that was the period when he was very difficult. Because of this Boryachuk, Zubkov, Ignatenko difficult to compete, and they play in Mariupol. Although, this is the best young players of Ukraine. Well, there are Matvienko, it should not be forgotten. Nicholas also managed to break into the first team.

Известный тренер назвал нового капитана сборной Украины

And Zinchenko is an example for many. It is his attitude, his character shows that he deserves to be at Manchester city for a top club.

Известный тренер назвал нового капитана сборной Украины

Would have stayed with Sasha miner, it would be difficult to progress. He done that bends the line, working and working,” said Vyacheslav Shevchuk.

Portugal – Ukraine – 0:0

March 22, in Lisbon, at the stadium “Da Luz”, the Portuguese team took the national team of Ukraine.

The team of Andriy Shevchenko survived the difficult match. Throughout the match, Ronaldo and company attacked the gate of the Ukrainians. Several times a game Andriy Pyatov made classy saves. Our boys also ran to the counter and could have scored. The curtain of the meeting was a great chance to snatch victory. Yevhen Konoplyanka struck from afar, Rui patrício has not fixed the ball in his hands and some centimetres has not sufficed Junior Moraes to be the first on the rebound.

The match ended in a draw 0:0

The European Championship 2020. Qualification. Group B. 1st round

Portugal – Ukraine – 0:0 (0:0)

Warning: Taras Stepanenko, 86 (Ukraine)

Note that in this match debuted for the national team of Ukraine, a naturalized Brazilian Junior Moraes, who replaced in the second half, Roman Yaremchuk.

Except that saved by Andriy Pyatov, note good game, Vitaly Nikolenko who reliably took care of Cristiano Ronaldo and was involved in the attacks. Also, scroll to the game Ruslan Malinovsky, Nikolay Matvienko, Roman Yaremchuk and other singers.

Известный тренер назвал нового капитана сборной Украины

Известный тренер назвал нового капитана сборной Украины

Ronaldo, fortunately the Ukraine, though did not score in this match, he still remains the best scorer in Europe at the level of teams.

We can say that Ukraine has successfully started the qualification, so as not to lose the current European champion in his field. In the other match of our group Luxembourg defeated Lithuania with the score 2:1.

Following the match, the Ukrainians will play away against Luxembourg on March 25.

21 Mar started qualification for the European championship on football in 2020.

The results of the matches of the 1st round of qualifiers for UEFA EURO 2020 (March 21):

Cyprus – 5:0 (4:0) – San Marino
Goals: Sotiriou, 19 (pen.) (1:0), 23 (pen.) (2:0), Kusule, 26 (3:0), Ephrem, 31 (4:0), Lifis, 56 (5:0)

Austria – 0:1 (0:0) – Poland
Goals: Piontek K., 68 (0:1)

Slovakia – 2:0 (1:0) – Hungary
Goals: Duda, 43 (1:0), Rusnak, 85 (2:0)

Belgium – 3:1 (2:1) – Russia
Goals: tielemans, 14 (1:0), Cheryshev, 16 (1:1), Azar C., 45 (pen.) (2:1), 88 (3:1)

Israel – 1:1 (0:0) – Slovenia
Goals: Sporer, 48 (0:1), Zahavi E., 55 (1:1)

Macedonia – 3:1 (2:0) – Latvia
Goals: Alioski, 12 (1:0), Km 30 (2:0), Isaev V., 87 (2:1), Elmas, 93 (3:1)

Northern Ireland – 2:0 (0:0) – Estonia
Goals: McGinn, 55 (1:0), Davis S., 75 (foams.) (2:0)

Kazakhstan – 3:0 (2:0) – Scotland
Goals: Perch, 6 (1:0), Morogovskij, 10 (2:0), Zajnutdinov, 51 (3:0)

Netherlands – 4:0 (2:0) – Belarus
Goals: Depay, 1 (1:0), Wijnaldum, 21 (2:0), Depay, 55 (pen.) (3:0), Van Dyck, 86 (4:0)

Croatia – 2:1 (1:1) – Azerbaijan
Goals: Sheydayev, 19 (0:1) Barisic B., 44 (1:1), Kramaric, 79 (2:1)

Final draw Euro 2020 will be staged in 12 cities from 12 June to 12 July 2020.

As previously reported Znayu Junior Moraes joined the national team of Ukraine.

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