Famous Russian singer spoke about the persecution and sexual slavery

Известная российская певица рассказала о преследованиях и сексуальном рабстве

Russian singer and musician Olga Arefieva threatened her beloved man. He forced the woman to give up her own creative ambitions and constantly pressured the woman.

About this Arefyeva told on the personal page in Facebook.

“30 years ago I was chased and tried to kill a former boyfriend. It called absolutely everyone in the know telling in the most filthy terms about what sex was, and what a variety of words after that are called”, the message reads.

Известная российская певица рассказала о преследованиях и сексуальном рабстве

Olga Arefieva said that her relationship with this man lasted about three years. She was absolutely in love with it, so I couldn’t assess the whole picture of their relationship. Suddenly she decided that she’d had enough and ran to him.

“And then I suddenly realized and said clearly, “stop.” It was a spontaneous decision, but it is quite unambiguous. And ran away from him during the trip. And from that moment I saw thick snow of harassment, insults and threats. I remember with horror as he lay at my feet and then I stood in towards me with a knife,” – said the singer.

Известная российская певица рассказала о преследованиях и сексуальном рабстве

The singer said that her husband recently began to realize that women are not their property. And that every woman has the right to bring their talents, desires and aspirations. She notes that for a long time in society it was considered that the only option a good solution for women is to marry them.

It is symbolic that the corresponding message Aref’ev published on March 8 – international women’s day. The purpose of the festival is to remind about the equality of women and men.

“So that’s what today’s holiday, the 8th of March. About Mimosa, men in aprons have a one-day gifts from the store. And that woman is a complete person. Which has its own will, their right to decide will she be with this man or not, she will give birth or not, will work over it” – summed up the singer.

Recall that the Lo turned to the people, the singer pleads for help.

As previously reported, the portal Know.ia, Studio Kvartal 95, presented a special number for International women’s day.

The portal previously Know.Eeyore wrote that undefeated Ukrainian boxer Alexander Usik originally congratulated Ukrainian women on March 8.

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