Fans replaced reality: Buzova simulates virtual friends fans

The singer seriously depends on your device.

Фанаты заменили реальность: Бузова имитирует друзей виртуальными поклонниками

Not once Olga Buzova tried to create a strong family in the hope to give birth to the long awaited successors to realize his dream of becoming a mother, however, the presenter frankly no luck with men. After a failed marriage to Dmitry Tarasov who has swapped the singer the mistress, the leading “House-2” tried to build a relationship with the finalist of the show “Married with Buzova” Denis Lebedev, but he was just another lying gold-digger pursuing personal interests. After such unsuccessful attempts to settle their private life Olga Buzova seems to be seriously closed in themselves and started to imitate friends and relatives at the expense of virtual fans. The singer actively engaged in your Instagram account, devoting to it much of their free time. Recently, Olga started talking to your phone as a live person, as in an empty house no one but the fans can’t keep her human company.

Apparently, the fans have simply replaced Buzova reality, because instead of calling a friend or loved one, Olga talks with fans in social networks and can’t even eat alone. Proof that the media personality is increasingly withdraws into himself, serves her microblog where she records her thoughts, interesting only to her fans.

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Fans have replaced the reality of #his #storiesboy #Vladim

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It is quite obvious that at the moment Buzova easier to be in a gated community, where all its worship and want to connect with her than to spend time and nerves, trying to make contact with a live person, who will once again break her heart. Disturbing is the fact that Buzova announced a possible adoption if she cannot find a decent man, as in this case it will be left alone with a toddler and a smartphone, which will most likely replace the heir, the singer’s real father.