Farewell letter to Baudelaire sold at auction for 234 thousand euros

French poet Charles Baudelaire sent his lady love, farewell note, where he talked about wanting to finish the journey of life on Earth. Despite the pessimistic mood, essayist lasted 22 years and created his masterpiece – a collection of poems “Flowers of evil”.

Прощальное письмо Бодлера продали на торгах за 234 тысячи евро


Farewell Baudelaire was sold at auction in France for EUR 234 thousand, and has acquired this note in an incognito phone. The organizers of the auction did not disclose the name of the buyer. Initially the bidding started with the amount of 60 thousand euros. Unknown called and offered a sum that no one else dared to challenge.

Baudelaire recognized as a classic of world literature. The depression, which led him to write a farewell message to the woman who drove a difficult financial position. He spent the money he’d inherited and didn’t see the point in continued existence.

Despite the pessimism, Baudelaire lived after this crisis, the mindset of two decades. The poet died in 1867 from syphilis.

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