Farnham takes news from its citizens

Don’t be surprised, citizens of Farnham, if you receive a call from a city employee in the coming days. Concerned about the well-being of its fellow citizens, the City will contact them one by one to take their news and ensure that they are safe while everyone is isolated at home.
“We want it to be comforting. This is another way of taking care of the population, of showing them that we are there when things go wrong. We are all kindhearted people and this is another way that we have found to be closer to the population, ”said the mayor, Patrick Melchior.

This idea came to him when the Prime Minister, François Legault, asked during a daily press briefing which reports on the situation of COVID-19 to call a single person. “We have employees who had less work, so we thought why not call the citizens? It is a pleasure to see that everyone is embarking with great joy, ”continues Mr. Melchior.

The entire population of Farnham will be reached, which represents some 4,400 addresses. “We want to know how they are. Know if they need help. And if necessary, we can refer them to resources. We want it to be as warm as possible ”, specifies the mayor.

Calls will start this week and will certainly continue for a few days.

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