Fashion is more important: Buzova Pregnant harms the baby, but watching the beauty

Olga hasn’t given birth yet, but already received the status of a terrible mother.

Мода важнее: Беременная Бузова вредит ребёнку, но следит за красотой

The star of “House-2” and singer Olga Buzova once again disappointed their fans and pleased the haters rash act. In Instagram she posted a seemingly normal promotional post, which became the subject of controversy and discussion.In the publication, the actress said about Metropolitan Studio manicure, which she allegedly like. However, she noted that were there and put in evidence some photographs of coating options. This was the stumbling block for users of the service. As fans and haters Buzova started to criticize her for what she is harming her future child, because the procedure causes huge damage to the health.Actually, the way it is. Firstly, vapors of acetone, sometimes used for removing old varnish, poisonous, as well as some volatile components of the material for application. Second, in the gel lacquer contains a huge number of other substances that are already using the nail and the skin enter the body and kill him. And finally, the most banal – during a manicure, the wizard can cut into customer and put him into the blood something. Therefore, such Hobbies should be abandoned during pregnancy. This suggest not only doctors and network experts, but even some of the masters of manicure.

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Of all the studios in Moscow where I was – @ilike_nails the BEST choice of design ???? Nogotochki what you like more 1-2-3-4????????????

A post shared by Olga Buzova (@buzova86) on Nov 12, 2018 at 7:31am PST

Apparently, Buzova fashion and beauty is much more important than the health of her unborn child. She is ready to hurt him, just to attract the views of the public at the next party or social event. Even followers of Olga in Instagram say that if she is pregnant, the mother of her “useless”. The star herself has not commented on any of their actions or rumors about “interesting position”.

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