Father forced son to have sex with the stepmother, lest he be gay

“Ideological” father ordered his 11-year-old son having sex with stepmom, allegedly, that son grew up in the correct orientation.

Отец  заставил сына заниматься сексом с мачехой, чтобы он не стал геем

And now, after more than 20 years, Daniel Dowling opened all the mystery about how my father forced me to do sex with his stepmother. The first case of such classes, with the words of Daniel took place during the Board game.

Father put the condition that the loser totally naked. By the end of the Board game stepmother was sitting naked. The father forced the boy to kiss the Breasts of a stepmother, and then have sex with her. These were repeated several times. The words of the father, it was to help the boy not be gay.