Fatty food kills intelligence: scientists have struck new study

Жирная пища убивает интеллект: ученые поразили новым исследованием

Everybody knows that when you eat fatty food increases the level of cholesterol, sugar and salts. And all of this can lead to a variety of dangerous diseases. The high content of fat and sugar in the diet leads to the accumulation of excess fat in the liver, which remains even after the transition to a healthier diet.

However, this is not a complete list of bad effects on the human body. So the researchers argue that heavy fast food consumption can make a person dumber. According To Clutch.

Жирная пища убивает интеллект: ученые поразили новым исследованием

For the first 9 days of this diet harmful brain activity is reduced by about 20%. This conclusion came after researchers experiment on rats, which received more than half of calories from unhealthy fats.

Tasted such food, the rats forgot everything they were taught. Namely, run mazes. This is due to the fact that after such a meal worse cells absorb oxygen, and they are less prone to physical activity than others.

Жирная пища убивает интеллект: ученые поразили новым исследованием

“The results show that even short-term diet of fatty and unhealthy food can greatly affect your mental and physical activity in the most pernicious way,” says Professor Kieran Clarke.

This fundamental research will begin to carry out some initiatives aimed at improving the quality of catering. In the future, to confirm the findings on the harmful effects of fatty foods on intelligence, plans to conduct similar research involving humans.

“We are waiting for results of a study conducted on volunteers. They have to show us the effect of eating fatty food on the human heart,” says Professor Jeremy Pearson.

We will remind, scientists from the University of Florida argue that the impact of the smell of hamburgers or pizza for two minutes is enough to get rid of the desire to savor junk food.

As reported by the portal “Znayu” Breakfast of greasy and sugary foods causes changes in the brain. They lead to shortages of memory, similar to those observed in people with obesity.

Also “Znayu” I wrote a healthy portion of French fries is six straws. So categorical is configured, Professor Eric RIMM (Rimm Eric) of the Department of nutrition at Harvard University.

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