Festival of Sarlat 2018 : Edmond dominates the charts

Festival de Sarlat 2018 : Edmond domine le palmarès

The movie of Alexis Michalik is the big winner of the 27th edition of the Festival du film de Sarlat.

The Festival du film de Sarlat, is now 27 years old, is a festival a bit special as it mainly intended for high school students who are preparing for careers in the cinema.

Thus, the price of the high school Students comes down to Edmond, the first film of the actor-screenwriter, Alexis Michalik, drawn out of his own room built around the story of the creation of Cyrano de Bergerac (superbly performed by Thomas Solivérès). A film removed, certainly a little academic, but perfectly entertaining.

Edmond has also been acclaimed by the Vote of the jury young and won in the wake of the Salamandre d’or, awarded by the audience of the festival. A nearly flawless for the movie, expected in theaters on January 9, next.

On the side of price’s interpretations, the jury young has welcomed the provision of Camille Chamoux in the first film by Patrick Cassir, First Vacation (in cinemas the 2nd of January), as well as that of Jacques Gamblin for his role of postman Cheval, in the film The Incredible Story of the Factor Horse of Niels Tavernier (to discover on the screens on 16 January).