First reaction to the death of Cyril Tolmatsky decl: condolences and a nightmare

Первая реакция на смерть Децла Кирилла Толмацкого: соболезнования и страшный сон

Sunday, February 3 it became known about death of the Russian rapper decl, real name Kirill Tolmatsky. The artist was only 35 years old.

On the death of the musician said his father is a music producer Alexander. Agent decl Dmitry Kapralov reported that decl’s heart stopped after half an hour after the concert in Izhevsk.


Alexander Tolmatskiy Geplaatst door op Zaterdag 2 februari 2019

The network began to appear the first words of sympathy. So, I wrote about the son of the mother of musician Irina Tolmatsky, which is thus once again confirmed the truthfulness of this information.

“I love you…..1983-2019,” wrote Tolmatskogo in Instagram.

The wife of musician Julia Tolmatskogo also published a post with sad news.

“God took a loved one. RIP,” wrote Julia.

The words of sorrow written by the popular Russian rapper Basta.

“It was not Cyril Tolmatsky. I Express my deep condolences to his family and friends. Regardless of our conflict and differences, sincerely sorry for that young so early and leave late. It is a great misfortune. The bright memory”, – says the musician.

“A nightmare… let me disply”, – Bogdan Titomir commented on the death of decl.

Earlier it was reported that the concert decl Director Paul Belentsa told the press that He died after speaking at a corporate well-known businessman. The event was timed to the anniversary of the owner of the dealership Nikita pantjuhina. After the concert, Kirill Tolmatsky went to the dressing room and after a few minutes he felt bad.

Первая реакция на смерть Децла Кирилла Толмацкого: соболезнования и страшный сон

According to preliminary information, the musician has experienced cardiac arrest and died. But accurate information will only be published after examination.

We will remind, died Decl Cyril Tolmatskogo: become aware of the cause of death of the rapper. Previously about the death of the artist said his father Alexander Tolmatsky.

As reported Know. ua, the rapper Decl died at corporate. There are details of death decl.

Also Know As. ua wrote that biography of Cyril Tolmatsky decl: his songs grew today’s youth.

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