Flexible Fold Samsung Galaxy was first shown at quality pictures

Гибкий Samsung Galaxy Fold впервые показали на качественных фото

Samsung Galaxy Fold

The network has published the official and high-quality renders of the flexible device, Samsung Galaxy F, which showed the device from all sides.

Гибкий Samsung Galaxy Fold впервые показали на качественных фото

The first image shows the main screen novelties, which, thanks to a flexible substrate and a special hinge mechanism can be folded in half. The device will be a screen inside, which increases the lifetime of the device. Importantly, the smartphone was able to withstand the load, because replacement screens cost a lot, given the unusual design of the machine.

Гибкий Samsung Galaxy Fold впервые показали на качественных фото

The second picture shows a rather big neckline elongated shape in the upper right corner under the camera and other necessary components (the light sensor). Alas, the images, allowing to estimate back design with extra display and the thickness of the device folded at the source there. However, the neck seems very long, even for such a device. However, screw all the components in such a device is not so easy, so the company decided to find a compromise, creating this huge cut.

Recall that Xiaomi company will introduce a budget version of the flagship Mi 9 Lite, which will get top-end features, the price will be quite adequate. Yes, the smartphone will not get a top processor, and the camera is not the best on the market, but for the price of $ 235 smartphone more than advantageous to buy.

Earlier Znayu reported that the company Xiaomi made MIUI firmware update 10 for their smartphones. Now in the network appeared the photo, which confirm the fact that the firmware improves the camera. Pictures taken in night time was much better.

Znayu wrote that Google Chrome failed. Now the users of some extensions refuse to work. The fact that Google is conducting the experiment, and used it as a users browser.

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