Foil will not help the Expert dispelled myths about protection against theft, for example Land Cruiser

Many owners believe that hull insurance and the regular alarm is enough to be calm for the car. Avtoekspert dispelled popular misconceptions about the hijacking.

Фольга не поможет: Эксперт развеял мифы о защите от угона на примере Land Cruiser

The expert suggested that to consider the case when a stolen Toyota Land Cruiser. Most motorists rely on regular alarm but it is not a guarantor of security.

Many car owners leave the car keys in the hallway. Hijacker pre-learns the location of the apartment is the owner interested in his car. After that the attacker sent to the apartment when the owner of the house, and using a repeater with a loop antenna extends the signal from the key. At the same time his accomplice is near the car of the victim and includes the second module of the repeater. In the end, the regular alarm is disarmed.

To avoid such developments, some people recommend to wrap the key in foil, remove the batteries or disable the Smart Key. However, in this case, the operation is not so convenient. Wrapping the key in tin foil will not help, because it won’t stop an experienced thief. For example, he can open the fuel filler door, pull back the gasket and using a special tool gets to the wires leading to the salon.

Фольга не поможет: Эксперт развеял мифы о защите от угона на примере Land Cruiser

We are talking about the wires, CAN-bus, which runs almost around the body. Connect to it, theft can affect the factory installed alarm system. Entering the salon, the attacker once again connects to the digital bus, but under the torpedo. Using special SOFTWARE, he can flash into memory alarm additional key.

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