Footballer Alan Dzagoev does not live with his wife for several months

The wife of the athlete tired from the walking antics of her husband.

Футболист Алан Дзагоев не живёт с женой уже несколько месяцев

Several Russian media reported that a famous football player Alan Dzagoev, who plays for the capital of CSKA Moscow, lives with his wife Maria for several months. The journalists managed to learn that Zarema simply moved to another city, tired to worry about loose wife. Insiders close to the star family, said the family discord couples began in late 2017. Tired of the constant antics of the wife, Zarema went to Vladikavkaz, taking their children with Khetag and Elan. Myself, Alan and Maria refused to comment on the situation, however, the athlete’s father Elizbar Dzagoev said that he did not intend to interfere in their personal life that a couple have to establish yourself.

Friend Zarema, who wished not to disclose his identity, said that the problem of the family is infatuation Dzagoev alcohol. According to the woman, after drinking Alan becomes aggressive and impulsive man who is able to insult his wife and all of a sudden to go to a strip club.

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