“For drunkenness campaigning?”: Fans outraged by new track Lazarev

Russia suffers from the problem of alcoholism, and the singer only adds fuel to the fire, according to the fans.

«За пьянство агитируешь?»: Фанатов возмутил новый трек Лазарева

Sergey Lazarev posted the song “Drunk than deceived”, which literally is about what the main character wants to get drunk and not to believe the wrong girl. A rather controversial new track has angered some fans open promotion of drinking alcohol, to “solve” pressing problems. “For drunkenness campaigning? This song is all about love?” – asked some commentators, after all, used to see Lazarev supporter of a healthy lifestyle. Now certain users of the Network need to put the restriction of “21+” on this song.

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However, a lot of fans Lazarev was enthusiastic over the experiment of the artist, for them, the track sounds enchanting and beautiful, and the meaning of the words does not contradict the principles of life. It is worth noting that in this song the artist did not focus on the vocals, but the recitative in a rap style that is definitely new for the vocalist.